You are not your ……

“You are not your job, you are not how much money you have in the bank…..” and everything else Fight Club says. Fight Club is not perfect. You might wonder how it is compatible with Objectivism. Maybe it is not. But it forces you to expand your outlook – strip things down to the core. Maybe Fight Club is about minimalism and not nihilism. Cut out everything else so all that remains is who you really are.

You can lose yourself – lose yourself in how others see you. How you want to be seen. Collecting things that you think define you. Chasing things you think you should be – because society said so. See the connection? If Howard Roark was the narrator in Fight Club before he burned down his Condo, he would be building Tudors. Once he is Tyler Durden, he really becomes Howard Roark.

Maybe Peter Keating and Howard Roark are the same person – what separates them is Tyler Durden

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