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It’s important to understand how people feel about love, when they don’t really understand love. This is how they feel:


Exceptions hurt you. Killing all exceptions makes you stronger. It makes your convictions stronger and your decisions better.

But there is that one great exception -Love.

“All love is exception making.” Love doesn’t follow logic, reason. For someone guided by logic and reason, love can be very scary. Because it makes you vulnerable. You feel like you would do anything for a person, for no apparent reason, except you love them. You know that you can not say no to that person, however irrational their ask may be. The world seems like a better place, even though nothing much has changed, except that person is now a part of your life. You want to be a better person- not for yourself, but for that person. Your thoughts are clouded – but also clearer than ever before. You didn’t know that person just a few weeks back, but now you cannot stand the thought of not knowing that person.

It’s hard to say if it is the most irrational thing ever, or if it so rational that you can not even start to comprehend it. Rational or not, it is special.

The ultimate exception, the ultimate contradiction, but  such a beautiful one.

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