Fail Hard. Fail Fast. Fail More

I’ve now come to be very skeptical of times when all seems well – it just tells me I am not doing all that I can. If I’m not failing, and failing hard, I’m not thinking big enough. If I’m not failing fast, I am not moving fast enough. If I’m not failing more often, I am not taking enough risks.

This change in mindset can be pretty fundamental, and doesn’t come easy. It is the staple of startups, of entrepreneurs, of risk takers. Safe is no good! ┬áTo have this mindset, your goalposts need to change, your definition of success needs to change too.

But once you do turn that around, success is bigger too, and more often, and comes faster.

Fail Hard. Fail Fast. Fail More.

3 thoughts on “Fail Hard. Fail Fast. Fail More

  1. I would go further and say complete safety is an illusion. There are always risks in life, the trick is to manage the risks and take the ones that are going to move you forward.

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