Poetry for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie has to be one of the best bands on the planet. Ben Gibbard’s lyrics are some of the most meaningful you would come across. DCFC songs are as close to poetry as you can expect popular music to be.

Some songs have this way of getting you to look at things differently. ‘I will follow you into the dark’ is a beautiful song about death. Now who would think that there can be a beautiful song about something as morbid as death? ‘I will possess your heart’ captures the struggle and desperation of love hauntingly. ‘Passenger Seat’ transports you to a different, more beautiful time. ‘Little Wanderer’reminds you of that someone oceans apart you can’t stop missing.

DCFC songs cause you to pause, and reflect. They say so much about the human condition, values and relationships. DCFC songs are beautiful poetry, and Ben Gibbard is a genius of our times.

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