It is a very simple law.Β It states that contradictory statements cannot both be true in the same sense, e.g. the two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive.

But it is amazing how hard it is to apply in practice. Because we contradict ourselves every living moment. Our decisions are totally contradictory to our thoughts. The logical propositions assume a logical structure to everything. But the human mind is so far removed from it. Unless it is a trained mind, it is full of contradictions and doubt. The path to success in anything you want is always simple- very logical. Contradictions, and exceptions in the mind kill that beauty of simplicity.

If you do manage to remove contradictions from your thought process though- if logic can be your only guide, you will conquer all. I struggle with it every day –Β Β “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive. Non-contradiction.

9 thoughts on “Non-contradiction

  1. If you removed contradictions from your thought processes you would be clinically schizophrenic. The processes we employ in order to arrive at a logical conclusion are only partially dictated by the form and rules of logic.

    1. How can understanding what is and what isn’t, lead to schizophrenia? Is it not so that it is the schizophrenic who believes something is there because they see it but know it’s not their because they know their minds are misleading them? To live by the law of Non-contradiction, it simply would equal perfect knowledge and likely perfect wisdom.

      Our flawed knowledge, lack of wisdom, and perpetual state of inner conflict lead to contradictions. Through learning we gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding, thereby eliminating contradictions from our knowledge base. That wouldn’t make for schizophrenia — it would make for brilliance and perfection. And, frankly, an easier life.

  2. Well! I must say, Its a great article. Every living moment we contradict ourselves unless its a trained mind. Can you please explain, how to achieve a trained mind?

  3. if you want to achieve a trained mind, you just need to start thinking about anything that you face while living your own life, however that is not enough, you also have to start thinking about other people’s perception of the life, just as it comes… Logic is just a simple way of making connections πŸ™‚ you can make all the connections by just thinking, simple as it is. Also, I heard some say:” there is no sadness without joy and there is no joy without pain”, if we take this as the main ground for our arguement, life is just a contradiction between the state of being alive or dead. Everything comes with a solution, and sometimes the problem itself is the only solution, or the only answer to all your questions, you just need to drop down your guard and ask or maybe you ask another question in a different logical bound, with a different mind set. Ask someone with a know-how, at the same time he must be objectivist, also an observer πŸ˜€

  4. A trained mind is achieved by correct identification. Knowing what a thing is and what it is not is the starting point. When you are born you have no knowledge whatever, your senses pick up stimuli from the external environment but your mind has no clue on what those stimuli are, the mind at that point merely registers that there is something. Knowledge is base on a hierarchical structure, which depend on the mind’s ability to build its connection to reality on the foundation of consciously identifying what things are in reality. A trained mind does this by taking precepts as the metaphysically given (truth/fact of the matter/axiomatic); which as the person grows forms concepts which we call knowledge (if it correctly corresponds to reality). The first step is automatic in the sense that as long as you are alive you cannot block metaphysical stimuli (a common attempt at a contradiction here is, we could drug you, but notice drugging me is a stimuli), the second to take that material and develop theories that guide men’s actions is not. Contradictions do not exist metaphysically because no one thing at one specific time is and isn’t something specific. Because it is in the nature of existence to change from something specific at one time into another something specific at another time observation of this phenomena allows us to develop laws or rules to account for such changes. Once your mind grasps this precept you are on your way to a mind free of contradictions.

  5. I love telling my husband to check his premise when we have an argument, lol. One of us is inevitably wrong, at the core. But, it’s not easy when you disagree about how high your toddler can climb on something. Can you give me an a is a answer for that, please!

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