0 or 1?

What is it about 0s and 1s – black and white, that is so scary to us? We like shades of gray. Absolutes frighten us. People hate deciding things for themselves. As much as people might pretend like they want to be in control, they really want to have decisions taken for them. People don’t easily grow out of the child-like state of letting others decide things for them. Why? Because decisions go wrong – a lot. So it is easier to not decide – and thus not have any part of the pain that would follow a bad decision.

Gray is the world we want to live in. Not black. Not white.

•Morals are relative  •No one is perfect  •Extremes are bad •Moderation is good
• Follow the average •The way of the majority is correct
All of these are veiled excuses. Excuses for not being strong enough to go all the way. Excuses for settling for half-measures.
0 or 1. Choose one – decide where you want to end up, and go all out. 0 or 1.

12 thoughts on “0 or 1?

  1. I think you are on the right track. But following the averages sounds a bit average, and sometimes I like to get totally drunk. But don’t tell anyone that. I don’t usually drink. I save it all up for one big day, that’s kind of like staying balanced.

  2. This casual acceptance of extremism and absolutes is dangerous and typically leads to dark conflicts. It is actually impossible to not make decisions anyway, because in doing nothing one choses not to act. Being in the gray gives one time to sort through a mist and fog far more complex than the absolutist could ever appreciate. It is not simply an excuse.

    1. “Being in the gray” does not give one time to do anything; it robs the thinking mind of thought. It tells the weak to find more places to hide. Do not think the absolutist does not take time to find the correct decision. Only a coward plays on both sides to see which is more advantageous; there can be no values in that kind of game. The thinker tests both with values, and he chooses only after he finds the answer in which he believes.

  3. Love this column…short and sweet, but dead on. Grey is what people that cannot accept black and white choose to focus on….like a dreamworld. those that understand objective thought realize that there is another, more suitable, word for “grey”….it’s “non-existent”

  4. I have no bones to pick with the topic, but did someone actually manage to slip the word “Cult” into the word collage?

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