Does Crazy work?

An ad featuring Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block has supposedly caused a big surge in online donations for Cain. The ad for the most part is pretty run-of-the mill rhetoric. Except for a crazy bit at the end. Mark Block,for no rhyme and reason, is seen smoking a cigarette in the last segment. It has now led the ad to be popularly called the “Smoking Man” ad.

Because it is so strange, it works. People cannot understand why anyone would do this. So they talk about it to other people. And it leads to memes, to water-cooler talk, to free grapevine publicity.

This brings us to the question: “Does crazy work?”

In advertising, and in life. People who behave in the strangest of manners, who are the most eccentric, are some of the most popular. Aren’t they? So how hard is it for someone to manipulate situations? To act crazy just to get attention.

Everyone likes looking at and making fun of someone crazy- makes for good entertainment. But it might just be a smoke screen put forward by a twisted mastermind. Maybe Crazy works?

One thought on “Does Crazy work?

  1. I saw it last week and I think it is WONDERFUL!!! Mark is a REAL PERSON and he’s speaking from his heart. Mark is a smoker, so he smokes a cigarette after he speaks. It’s so REAL and normal and the message is clear, “We recognize REAL people want their government back and we’re going to take it back with Herman Cain”. GO CAIN!

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