You Lost me

Caught the Lost finale a few days back.

Now the thing about Lost as a show for the last couple of seasons has been that it was extremely frustrating to watch-because nothing would make sense.It kept viewers hooked because it was fabulous as a character study.You connected with each and every one of them-Jack,Sawyer,Hurley,Desmond,Kate and Locke-especially Locke.For the most part it was easily one of the best shows on TV.

But the end completely- and I mean completely blew up whatever chance Lost had of going down as one of the better shows of the last decade.Lots of shows have bad finales-in fact finales are really really hard,especially for good shows,as the expectations are usually really high.For Lost,it was always going to be even tougher.The creators had to give the viewers justification for staying with the show for so long.And they failed miserably.The island was not satisfactorily explained ( “It’s a cork that keeps hell from spilling over into earth” just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid).No one knows why Charles Widmore had to come back to the island bringing poor Desmond along when he knew that the MiB needed Desmond for whatever he was doing in the cave-why would he serve up Desmond on a plate to him (Only reason I can think of is that it was the finale and they wanted everybody in,which is a really awful reason if you think about it).No one knows why it was so important to keep the MiB on the island.Thousands of questions about The Dharma initiative.And don’t even ask what the “protector” of the island was protecting.Probably Smokey was the only one making any sense when he said that “It doesn’t need protection”.He might as well have said that the writers had been making it up as they went along and now there’s no way to go back and make sense of it all.

To cut a long story short-they blew it-big time.And the purgatory explanation at the end was the final straw-using religion to cover your ineptitude as storytellers-shameless.

It’s not just about things being unexplained in a finale.The Sopranos finale “blackout” is a case in point.Nothing was explained but you couldn’t help admiring David Chase for it.You didn’t know what happened-but it felt right.Not the same with Lost.

Has to go down as one of the worst finales ever-and it  drags all the past seasons down with it.

Compare that with the 24 finale.Awesome is the only word for it.Great last one to cap off the superb series.Kiefer Sutherland deserves all the praise he is getting.

24 was easily one of the most reliable shows on TV,and in a  good way.It did get repetitive in the form of storyline and all-but let’s face it-it was never much about the story anyway. “TV on crack” was how it was described.And it delivered-season after season.

In the last season,seeing Jack Bauer charging down a tunnel in an armored suit to get to President Logan was simply off the hook.Him killing the Russian president would have been the icing on the cake :-).Good to see a show which knew what it was all about and stuck to its strengths till the end.

Chloe said “Shut it down” but it’s not the end-the movie is in the works.Movie or no movie-24 is sure of a place as one of the best shows of all time.

The Lost writers could have taken a leaf out of 24’s book.

The Lost finale should have stayed “Lost”

3 thoughts on “You Lost me

  1. Dude,Lost was awesome and still’s my fav show of all time.It was never too much about the story.It was always about the characters.Maybe you didn’t like the end but still it gave you a joyful ride for six years,isn’t that enuf?But everybody has their own opinions,and you have ur own.

  2. seriously if you would have watched LOST for six seasons you would have understood that there was only one climax possible and thats what they showed.
    It was bad. Pathetic, to be precise. But you have missed the part that the final season was probably the best one after season 1. And the finale is not only about the final episode. Its about how you bring your story and characters to their end and still successfully bind them to the plot.
    Anyways they did not screw up as bad as Prison Break did in my opinion and no matter what people always somehow end up hating the finale of their favourite shows.
    But point taken – it was bad.

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