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They are after him. Again. One of the most tested athletes in the world the world has to stand up and defend himself all over again. Thriving in pain and suffering was something he made a career out of. For seven years he ruled the cycling world – retired – and then came back after a couple of years. He wasn’t the same dominating force, but it spoke volumes of his character that he could leave behind the sweet memories of  a perfect career, his perfect millionaire’s life and get on with the game – compete again – knowing that he was more vulnerable than he had ever been. His comeback wasn’t the most successful,but he won hearts (especially those of the French,they never particularly liked him when he was ruthless and would win everything in sight). Now after finishing his final Tour de France, he has to go back home and fight the federal drug probe.

Some people are of the opinion that his legacy, all the tireless work done by him for cancer is all in danger. What if it comes out that he did in fact take drugs? That he wasn’t “Superman”. One can’t help but be reminded of The Fountainhead-the photo of Howard Roark in The Banner at the opening of the Enright House printed over the caption “Are you happy, Mr Superman.” The mentality is the same. People going after someone-crucifying him-just because they cannot comprehend his achievement.” How could he win the toughest endurance test in the world? Not just once. 7 times. That too after living through cancer that nearly killed him. He has to be on drugs. Maybe his cancer drugs helped him somehow. He can’t be that good-no one can be that good.” The Howard Roark of cycling has to face the mob-let’s hope it doesn’t end with Armstrong having to blow up a building.

Lance Armstrong transcends his sport and even the  extraordinary work done by him for cancer. Everything about him makes you believe that he is clean-but there is just that possibility that he isn’t. That’s just the thing with celebrity -you see only the public face of the person in question. What comes across from seeing him race and from reading him is a person of iron will, extremely strong character and impeccable integrity. But you can never be really sure about a person unless you really know him-probably not even then. So if the Lance Armstrong story does indeed end with his downfall, it won’t just be a loss for cycling or cancer research, it will be a big blow to human spirit and endurance and character. After all, when he said “It’s not about the Bike”,  he really meant it.

What my money is on though is him riding through this, like he always has. If what I know of him is true, he won’t have it any other way. He would want to clear his name. And prove that when he said “Everybody wants to know what I am on. What am I on? I’m on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. What are you on?”,  it wasn’t just one of the most awesome lines in an ad film ever, it was also the truth.

5 thoughts on “Livestrong Armstrong

  1. It’s be nice to here him come clean about doping, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. There is too much money invested in him, and too many huge corporations would look like idiots if he were to reveal the truth. Not that I think he did a “bad” thing. It was the culture of the sport. It just sucks that so many other athletes have had to accept their punishments quietly, and Lance has just skated right by, earning millions upon millions in the process.

  2. I’m his truly his fan’s, as 7 times winner TDF, as a cancer surviving, as Armstrong Foundation, I Admired him a lots and I show Armstrong is one of the greatest athletic. Indeed he was a smartest rider out there. So it’s kind of too late to take my words back. I already his fans, However what really or not that happened now and than is totally different. if it’s true that he was doped. All I can said is God ! I hope that’s wasn’t true but, if it is, it’s sad but is true… I still admired him and his fan, of course no one would expecting disappointment …… well we see!

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